“Scale and Arpeggio Routines”
by Milt Stevens
Designed to be required study for College
and Graduate level trombonists.
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Endorsements/comments from the pros:
"Scale and Arpeggio Routines by Milt Stevens is a nuts and bolts, systematic approach to improving basics of trombone performance. Similar to the rigors found in methods like Arban, this resource stretches your limits of technique, range and endurance. Try Milt's scale book. It provides the basic tools you need to become a great trombonist."
Joe Alessi
"I believe every college/university trombone teacher and student will want to take a close look at Milt Stevens' Scale and Arpeggio Routines for Tenor Trombone. Milt has put a great deal of thought into this new textbook and presents plans for the introduction of various scale and arpeggio patterns at specific college/university undergraduate and graduate levels. Milt is to be commended for taking the time to write a quality pedagogical trombone text-there have been too few written in the last 100 years!"
Buddy Baker
"Milt Stevens' Scale and Arpeggio Routines is a valuable addition to the trombone study repertoire. There are quite a few methods from Arban to Blume to Kopprasch, but none covers this material as thoroughly as the Stevens book. Scale and arpeggio grounding is crucial to the playing of the instrument. Stevens' book should be a part of all college level students' study repertoire."
Keith Brown
"The book is great! This book, in my view, will quickly become a mainstay in trombone studios throughout the US and around the world. Its benefits will be quickly evident in each student's sight-reading ability, intonation, and facility. I have had a scale regimen requirement in my studio for over 15 years, but plan to immediately switch to Milt's volume."
Elliot Chasanov
"Finally the medicine we know we should be prescribing to our students, measured out in just the right dosages. Such an organized and thorough publication is long overdue. This approach to scale practice will serve every trombonist well into his or her professional life. It is excellent!"
Tim Conner
"It really looks terrific! This trombone method comes from one of the most meticulous, methodical and well-organized trombonists in the world. Scale and Arpeggio Routines is a direct reflection of its creator, Milt Stevens. It is a thorough and comprehensive text, which should become standard usage in the libraries and studios of all serious trombonists."
John Drew
"Finally! All the scales and chords in one place. If you can play all these, you can play anything! This treatise will certainly help trombonists become successful; I know that this book will be useful to me, too." . Chris Dudley
"It is an excellent contribution; an excellent answer to a perennial need. Unlike other books I have seen, it is ready for immediate and systematic use in studio lessons. It is bound to produce good results. The extension of the scale and arpeggio patterns into the senior year and graduate level is quite good in that advanced students often feel that they have 'outgrown' consistent work on scales. Use this book consistently, and you cannot help but improve!"
Brad Edwards
"Routines fills a huge gap in trombone pedagogy for all trombonists. The exercises are carefully written and specifically designed for trombonists aspiring to gain more command of their instrument. This book should become a part of every trombonist's routine."
Joel Elias
"Tremendously beneficial to both the jazzer and orchestra player. Quite challenging, but a perfectly reasonable challenge to the good player. Very thorough; a fine workout. I could not agree more with your 'forward', that most of our young players do not spend enough time on this 'plain technical work', and their overall playing suffers because of it. I'll use it from now on."
Tom Ervin
"This book is an invaluable aid in any teacher's program. It lays out a logical approach to the learning of scales which is essential to any instrumentalist. I shall recommend it to my students, as well as using it in my own personal practice."
Jay Friedman
"Milt's book takes scales and arpeggios to new heights of challenge and accomplishment. It is uniquely organized to stimulate frequently use and self-appraisal. It shows Stevens' usual meticulous attention to detail and successful performance. Congratulations! It is a very practical addition to our study repertoire."
Robert E. Gray
"I totally agree with your insistence on having students learn this material. The book is a great reference tool, so the student can see what patterns he/she is supposed to memorize. The written 'forward' at the beginning is great!"
Vern Kagarice
"I really enjoyed your book! You examine comprehensively the aspect of trombone technique most often neglected. I've enjoyed your commentary, and I recommend this book to anyone wishing to have a thorough foundation in Western Music!"
Jim Markey
"Congratulations on your Scale and Arpeggio Routines. My students do some prepared scale work every week, but, like many things, the quality of the outcome is largely dependent on the organizational quality of the practice. You have achieved this exhaustively in your new treatise, and I expect that it will have worldwide application. I am happy that my students now have such a book to work from. Thank you, and well done."
Michael Mulcahy
"Many students unfortunately overlook the importance of scales and arpeggios and their relationship to melody and harmony. Milt Stevens has created an excellent resource for all of us trombonists. No serious trombonist should be without these routines. I have been practicing out of this book, and I find it to be very useful."
Matt Niess
"Scale and Arpeggio Routines by Milt Stevens is a wonderful and much needed resource for trombonists from the student through professional levels. More comprehensive than any existing scale book for trombone, this text allows the teacher and student to make familiar all keys, logically and progressively."
Tom Riccobono
"Milt Stevens' book entitled Scale and Arpeggio Routines is so basic and so complete that it is brilliant. If you can play this book, you know your way around the trombone and are ready to play. I highly recommend it."
Henry Charles Smith
"It takes a dedicated teacher to organize a reference source on the topic of scales and arpeggios as concisely as this! Your presentation speeds up comprehension and accomplishment. I've wished often to see scales and arpeggios presented in such a manner. Thank you for doing it."
John Swallow
"I really enjoyed the systematic approach to scale study presented in Milt's book. Careful and diligent study of this material will benefit the trombonist at any stage of development."
Ken Thompkins
"Finally, a useful scale study book! This method is organized in a useful, logical manner and will 'raise the bar' for all college trombonists. I also am pleased to see someone publish a key-based approach to alternate positions. Bravo!"
David Vining
"Here is a book that is a must for trombonists and trombone teachers from one of the great trombonists and pedagogues, Milt Stevens. The focus of the book is consistent; in addition, it is well planned and a fun book from which to play."
Irv Wagner
"I was delighted to see Milt Stevens' new scale book. None of the existing books are presented in a manner that allows the trombonist to read the notes for all of the scales and arpeggios in the various forms and octaves. This is one of the most important additions for the development of trombone players that I have seen in many years. All music education, performance, and jazz performers should use the book every day. Bravo!"
Gail Wilson
"Milt Stevens' Scale and Arpeggio Routines book has become a very valuable resource for me, personally. This book is well organized and comprehensive, assisting me in helping my students, as well as my own practicing. It covers all of the basics, is well laid out, and is easy to use."
Larry Zalkind